Coastal monitoring in French Mediterranean
Coralligenous communities monitoring
Marine species and landscapes
Habitat mapping by visual methods
Microcartography of Posidonia seabed by acoustic telemetry
Marine habitat surface analysis
Software development for biological indicator monitoring


Costal water monitoring

L’observatoire du milieu marin (marine environment observatory) aims to provide the results of some coastal marine environment monitoring networks in the French Mediterranean sea. It completes information provided by. the Water Information System.

These monitoring networks involve numerous partnerships, some of which are supported by the French Water Agency (Agence de l’eau RMC). They aim to assess the quality of coastal waters by chemical, biological or anthropogenic pressures measurement, at work scales ranging from tens of meters to tens of kilometers.

These monitoring networks meet the goals of the French master plan for the development and management of water (schéma directeur d’aménagement et de gestion des eaux) and the requirements set out in European directives through two public policies: the Water Framework Directive  2000/60/CE (DCE) and the Marine Strategy Framework Directive 2008/56/CE (DCSMM).

They also help to assess the efficiency of actions taken to fight against pollution and protect marine biological communities and biodiversity.